Stemco 393-0173 Voyager Wheel Seal for 38,000# & 46,000# Tandem Drive Axles

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Stemco 393-0173 Voyager Wheel Seal for 38,000# & 46,000# Tandem Drive Axles
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Special Notes
Dodge Freightliner, Kenworth, and Peterbilt trucks using this set on Eaton axles with Meritor hubs or wheels:
Eaton 18 series singe or 38D tandem with 4.375" spindle shoulder require shoulder busing 364-6402 to be installed before the axle ring.
Eaton 19 series single or 44D tandem with 4.500" spindle shouler require shoulder bushing 364-6435 to be installed before the axle ring.
Shoulder bushings and axle rings must be installed flush with spindle shoulder face. Shoulder bushings are not part of this seal set and must be special ordered.
If the axle has a factory install shoulder bushing, leave it in place and reuse it if it's not damaged.
Shoulder bushings are not required on Eaton axles if the shoulder is already machined to 4.767".
Product Description
Stemco wheel seal
Stemco Part Number: 393-0173
One seal for servicing one wheel
Voyager wheel seals feature a hub installed, unitized design
Bonded rubber O.D. and I.D. allows easy installation with piloted entry
For use in Eaton, Ford, Freightliner, Kenworth, Western Star, Peterbilt, Meritor, Navistar, and Volvo GM 38,000 and 46,000 pound tandem drive axle wheels
For Bore Diameter: 6.310"
Width: 1.127"
For Shoulder O.D.: 4.767

Found in applications with the following bearing combinations:

Inner Bearing
Outer Bearing
Universal Hub
Tool Head

Cross References: Stemco 309-0973, Stemco 392-9131, GMC/Volvo 027074962, GMC/Volvo 027125816, CR 1211, CR 1215, GMC/Volvo 15550869, GMC/Volvo 15557677, GMC/Volvo 15679880, GMC/Volvo 15982869, Navistar 1615305C1, Navistar 1680802C1, GMC/Volvo 2317614, NOK 304, Mack 32QJ127A, Mack 32QJ267, Mack 32QJ29316, Western Star 330783408, Mack 364SZ202, National 370003A, National 370034A, National 380003A, Volvo 3941956, Trailmobile 4131170, Trailmobile 4131171, Trailmobile 4131226, Trailmobile 4131231, Navistar 431615R3, Navistar 447551C91, Navistar 447574C91, Navistar 447574C92, CR 45152, CR 47695, CR 47696, CR 47697, Victor 48089, CR 49050, CR 50640, National 5481, National 548347C91, National 548347C92, Navistar 594962C1, Triseal 65056U, Triseal 650560U, Triseal 65165U, Freightliner 6819970546, National 6872S, Navistar 698764R1, Triseal 70799, Mechanex/Barrier 761400P, Navistar 775698C91, NOK 861, Mack 88AX420, Mack 88AX461, National 9015S, GMC/Volvo 940040019, GMC/Volvo 940010022, Western Star 940010022, GMC/Volvo 940010028, GMC/Volvo 940010030, GMC/Volvo 940010034, GMC/Volvo 940010040, Navistar 974526R91, Navistar 983570R1, Meritor A1205J2194, Meritor A1205L2352, Meritor A1205Q2487, Meritor A1205R2410, Meritor A1205T696, Meritor A1205U1061, Meritor A1205U2101, Meritor A1205V2180, Meritor A1205V2492, Meritor A1805V542, Ford D5HZ1175A, Ford D7HZ1175D, Ford E1HT1175BA, Ford E1HZ1175A, Ford E1HZ1175B, Ford E2HZ1175A, Ford E2HZ1177A, Ford E4HT1175AA, Ford E4HZ1175B, Ford E5HT1175GA, Ford E8HS1175BA, Ford E8HS1175CA, Ford F2HZ1175C, Ford F4HS1175BA, Mechanex/Barrier HS47694, Mechanex/Barrier HS47695, Victor SS64589, Victor SS68006, and NOK UZ0304EO, Meritor A1205Q2487, 650-A1205Q2487
A cross reference listing means that this seal is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Please compare the seal details to your seal to be sure this is correct.

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