Steer Axle Wheel Seals
for medium and heavy duty trucks

This page is dedicated to wheel seals for the steer axles of medium and heavy duty trucks. You'll find high quality, dependable seals for small single axle dump trucks, heavy duty dump trucks, semi trucks, and more.

Wheel seals are sold for individual wheels, so be sure to order a seal for each wheel you plan to tear down.

We've sorted these wheel seals by part number, so you'll need to know which seal number you need for your truck. Be aware that the description of the seal is not a complete application guide. For example, part number 740-3080836 has the description "Stemco Guardian HP Wheel Seal for 12,000# Front Axles", but that doesn't mean it will fit all 12K front axles.

We've included a lot of cross reference numbers in the details of each seal, so a search for the part number off another brand of seal may return the seal number you need. Please feel free to contact us if you need help cross referencing the part number from the old wheel seal.