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Stemco Voyager Wheel Seal

Stemco Voyager

The Voyager fully unitized, hub installed seal is a product of Stemco's unequaledfocus on technology to eliminate the traditional unitized design failures. A seal that lives up to expectations; a seal design superior to anything now available to fleet managers. The Voyager seal's unique capabilities result from an unbeatable combination of technologies, design, and quality materials. This single piece seal has it all - double steel case construction to withstand the forces of installation, superior contamination exclusion, a temperatureresistant sealing lip, plus a patent pending ID anti-rotation system. Voyager is the solution to every fleet manager's search for a fully unitized, hub installed seal that's also durable and highly reliable.

Stemco Guardian Wheel Seal

Stemco Guardian HP

The Guardian HPsemi-unitized hub seal combines the exclusive Guardian seal design with a High Performance sealing element. Made of an advanced co-polymer utilizing Teflon, Stemco developed this technologically advanced sealing element to provide extra protection and greater sealing. With superior contamination exclusion and a self-adjusting thrust pad, Guardian HP assures longer life and easier installation. The seal installs direct on the axle to assure positive alignment everytime, and with virtually error-proof installation it greatly improves cost-per-mile profitability.

Stemco Discover Wheel Seal

Stemco Discover

Experience technology at its most advanced with the Stemco Discover wheel seal, the premium high performancehub installed, unitized design seal. Take Stemco's proven, double steel case design, a high temperature elastomeric co-polymer sealing element with Teflon, and Stemco's patent pending "SMART" anti-rotation feature, and you have the toughest, most superior unitized seal in the industry. The revolutionary designplus a long life sealing element equal unparalleled performance. Shown to exceed competitor's performance by five times, the Discover seal really shines.

Stemco Grit Guard Wheel Seal

Stemco Grit Guard

A two-piece design, the Grit Guard Seal features a spindle installed deflector ring. This provides dirt exclusion for extended seal performance and insures a new surface for the sealing lip. The deflector ring can oftenrepair a damaged or worn spindle shoulder.

The hub-installed metal case seal provides a metal-to-metal continuous press fit between the seal and hub. In addition, a blue coating is applied to the seal to prevent minor seepage between the seal and hub.

Grit Guard�s Elasto-Leather sealing lip provides an excellent temperature range from -65°F to +250°F remaining flexible and durable. Also, the lip rotates on the deflector ring for improved heat dissipation and less lip travel per wheel rotation.

Scotseal Plus XL Wheel Seal

Scotseal Plus XL

SKF Scotseal PlusXL is a rubber unitized, one piece design. The Scotseal PlusXL consists of four sealing lips; a spring loaded primary sealing lip with patented Wave seal design that is factory pre-lubed, a radial and axial dirt lip, plus an outer bumper lip that acts as a preliminary dirt excluder. Scotseal Plus XL requires no special installation tools and maintains a rubber-to-metal contact between the seal O.D. and the hub bore surface as well as a rubber-to-metal contact between the packing I.D. and spindle.

Scotseal Classic Wheel Seal

Scotseal Classic

SKF Scotseal Classic is a unitized, one piece design consisting of a sealing element (packing) that is assembled between a metal outer and inner case. The packing consists of three sealing lips; a spring-loaded primary sealing lip that is factory pre-lubed,a dirt exclusion lip, and an outer bumper lip that acts as a preliminary dirt excluder. The seal is pressfit into the hub bore using Scotseal Installation Tools. The Scotseal Classic maintains a metal-to-metal contact between the seal O.D. and the hub bore surface as well as a metal-to-metal contact between the packing I.D. and the spindle.