PTP 382A Wheel Bearing Cup, 3.27" ID, 3.81" OD, 0.63" Width

Part Number:760-382A
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PTP 382A Wheel Bearing Cup, 3.27" ID, 3.81" OD, 0.63" Width
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Manufacturer: PTP
Part Number: 382APTP
Inside Diameter: 3.27"
Outside Diameter: 3.81"
Bearing Width: 0.63"

Commonly used with these bearing cones: 387A, 387AS

Cross References: 760-382ATIM, 382ATIM, 760-382A, 382A, 382APTP, 10578, 212037, 3010578, 30105787, X48313, 919661, 313037, 382A-TI, 382ATI, 40467, XA43233, 1188542, 3838017, 568500, Y382A, 658998, SK20327, T9424, 550583, 20641, 545905, 723873EB, E-TM382A, ETM382A, C5NNA768A, C5NNP777A, TCAA1243A, SBN 382ATRB, 9A382A, D44932A, 520013, 14223, A629827, 2150007, 3950457, 45733, 150805, 62908, KW1583, 64AX148, 8236-382A, 8236382A, TRB382A, 195521M1, 195525M1, 196068M1, RX2903, BT382A, 0009813580KZ, 0009814581KZ, WB01084, WB1084, BRG 382A, TWD382A, 105497H, 167717C1, 207234H1, 384350R1, 388533R1, 392689R1, 591674C1, 826925C1, 890132J1, 984363C1, 49029, S-A039, SA039, 382AR0K, 382ATRB, 53146, 664736, F382A, 550583, SBN 382ATRB, 7800052, 90162, 2150007, 471489, VX3437, 107845A, 10A7292, 1AE0334, 354T5, 516149E, 7XA315, 90162, CBX2011, RT8109A, RT9009A, TM3278
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