PTP HM212049 Wheel Bearing Cone, 2.62" ID, 3.56" OD, 1.51" Width

Part Number:531-IMHM212049
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PTP HM212049 Wheel Bearing Cone, 2.62" ID, 3.56" OD, 1.51" Width
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Manufacturer: Pro Trucking Products
Part Number: IMHM212049
Inside Diameter: 2.62"
Outside Diameter: 3.56"
Bearing Width: 1.51"

Commonly used with these bearing cups: HM212011

Some old trailer wheel bearing applications used a 553X cup and 560 cone combination. These can be replaced by using a HM212011 cup and HM212049 cone. You must replace both cup and cone.

Cross References: 760-HM212049, HM212049, 531-IMHM212049, IMHM212049, ABP SBN HM212049, 4255711, X33105, 8889361810,319021, HM212049-TI, HM212049TI, 0929406, 149649, 149653, HD200, XA91684, 7K0394, 1679458, 1039211, 742273, 550800, 5508002, 031-027-02, 03102702, 1008585, E-TMHM212049, ETMHM212049, FLTHM212049, 50100021, C1TT1240A, C1TT1240A0W, C1TT1240AOW, HM212049TRB, SBN HM212049, SBN HM212049TRB, TRB HM212049, 582421, 582462, 9AHM212049, 4021753, 457432, 9415564, 623320, IMXHM212049, 214071, GDHM212049, 35T307, 401262, 9536, 4182399394, 903339, K1800, KW1800, 9003288001, PD PPHM212049, 62AX 467, 8235-1228N404, 82351228N404, 8236-HM212049, 8236HM212049, BT212049HM, 1228N404, MERHM212049, TM HM212049, BRG HM212049, TWDHM212049, 182271H1, 204811R91, 380217R91, 5013283B21, 895872C91, FPHN212049, ST2110, TMKHM212049, 622113, HM212049T, S-A314, SA314, OTRHM212049, HM212049STM, PACHM212049, ABG9130, 83571, 104108, 202-0001, 2020001, 7800030, 15150, TK-HM212049, BWHM212049, MA585C, 384476, 85123083, 10600161, HYTHM212049, 214071, 10076D2, 1DP0315, 633833, 947D6
A cross reference listing means that this item should be a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. You should check the description to be sure it will work in your application.

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