PTP 281923 Automatic Drain Valve - No Heater

    PTP 281923 Automatic Drain Valve - No Heater

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    The 281923PTP automatic drain valve will empty its sump whenever the reservoir air pressure drops slightly. The sump will stay open until the sump pressure drops enough to allow the exhaust valve to close. The length of time that the exhaust valve stays open will depend on the amount of pressure change in the reservoir.

    The automatic drain valve can also be manually operated by using a tool to push the pin in the bottom center of the valve upward.

    Special Notes
    Product Description
    Manufacturer: PTP
    Part Number: 281923PTP
    Condition: New
    Replaces Bendix DV-2 automatic air tank drain valve
    No heater
    Fitting: 1/4" NPT

    Cross References: 281923, 281924, 281924X, 282569, 282569X, KN24000, 74S1823, RKN24000, 101415, 281923N, 285552, R281923, 558122, 117941, 103909, 121559, 213088, L051573, L51573, 5R8970, 6S2634, 2971365, 350211, 25002700008, 36A2092, D8HZ2A131A, 4247, 825445, MBW281923, 665643, 6945952, 9011861, 53756, 78060032, 78103577, 7926000209, 769131, AE769131, 173357, 50907971, 2530000474455, 4820004206184, K295-72, 20QE389, 745-281923, 665643, WA281923, 281923B1, 777915C91, 920760C91, 2EL548, 53100563, RH106553, 034043, 1571388, 25P0615, 3915331, 700715, 1200984
    A cross reference listing means that this valve is a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. Some changes in air line plumbing may be required.

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