Why should I choose Haldex automatic slack adjusters?

Haldex makes an excellent slack adjuster, so we'll just list the advantages here.

  • Easier Installation - Haldex slacks work properly at any angle, so you won't find any special gauges to fiddle with in the box.
  • Gradual Adjustment - Haldex slack adjusters have a more gradual adjustment than the competition, so the risk of dragging brakes is practically eliminated.
  • Industry Standard Clevis - The Haldex design uses the same standard clevis that is found on manual adjusters.
  • Best Warranty - Haldex slacks have a six year warranty when used in line haul applications.

Which Haldex slack adjuster do I need?

Haldex automatic slack adjuster part number location

You're in luck if you already have Haldex automatic slack adjusters on your truck or trailer. Every Haldex adjuster has the part number stamped into it, so identification is as easy as scraping the grease and grime off of your old slack adjuster.

If you're not so lucky, you'll need to know four things to proceed:

  1. The type of axle your slack adjuster is used on (steer, drive, or trailer)
  2. The camshaft O.D. and the number of splines
  3. The length of the adjuster arm from the center of the cam hole to the center of the yoke pin hole
  4. Whether the arm is offset from the center line of the main body and by how much