Stemco Kaiser K961L Qwik Kit King Pin Kit, Replaces Meritor R201470 and Navistar 2505492C91

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Stemco Kaiser K961L Qwik Kit King Pin Kit, Replaces Meritor R201470 and Navistar 2505492C91
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Product Description
Manufacturer: Stemco Kaiser
Part Number: K961L
Condition: New
No-Ream Qwik Kit King Pin Kit
Pin Size: 10.400" x 1.794"
Spindle Bore Size: 1.919" - 1.921"
Axle Bore Size: 1.795" - 1.797"
Axle Applications
Hino ND, NE, NJ, NV 2005-2008 10000# (OEM# R201470)
Navistar with Rockwell Axle 12000# FF-961, 02-ARV, 02-ARA, 02-ARW (OEM# 2505492C91)
MCI MC-7, MC-8, MC-9 13200# FF-941, FF-961
Rockwell/Meritor 1000# FD-961, FD-965
Rockwell/Meritor 600 Series 13200# FF-941, FF-942, FF-943, FF-944, FF-945
Rockwell/Meritor 13200# FF-961, FF-962, FF-966, FF-967, FC-965
Rockwell/Meritor 1000# MFS-10 (OEM# R201470)
Rockwell/Meritor 12000# MFS-12122D, MFS-12143D, MFS-12144D (OEM# R201315, and R201472)
Spicer/Dana/Eaton 12000# 02-ARA, 02-ARV, 02-ARW, 02-ASX (OEM# 1665531C91)
Watson & Chalin 11 Series with Meritor Axle (OEM# SRK102)

Cross References: K961L, 740-K961L, 70.961.12, 50.961.12, R201470, 2505492C91, 1315, 1470, 1471, R201315, 1665531C91, 4280855, 1309, 1310, 1315, TK604, TK634, 460.246B, M-2385, M2385, 88936044, 262-1604, 262-1634, 300-266, 300266, 300-284, 300284, KB848CB, E-6199B, E6199B, E-6199C, E6199C, FAK4570, FKP-111-B, FKP111B, FKP-111-C ,FKP111C, HKP2350, HKP3025, HKP3030, 39470254-7, 80063B, 1665531C91, S-8678, S8678, K593, 1115275, SRK102
A cross reference listing means that this part should a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. You should check the description to be sure it will work in your application.

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