MKT4515QHD Brake Shoe Hardware Kit for Meritor 'Q' and 'Q Plus' Air Brake Shoes

Part Number:650-MKT4515QHD
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MKT4515QHD Brake Shoe Hardware Kit for Meritor 'Q' and 'Q Plus' Air Brake Shoes
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Manufacturer: Pro Trucking Products
Part Number: MKT4515QHDPTP
Complete brake shoe hardware kit
Fits Meritor Q and Q-Plus air brakes
Brake Width: 5", 6", 7", 8", 8-5/8", and 10"
Q Series FMSI Numbers: 5" 4524B, 6" 4514G, 7" 4515E, 8-5/8" 4551G, 10" 4514G/4549C
Q-Plus Series FMSI Numbers: 7" 4707, 8" 4718, and 8-5/8" 4711
Includes anchor pins and bushings, cam rollers and retainers, return spring and pins, and anchor end hold-down springs
Services one wheel

Cross References: MKT4515QHD, 650-MKT4515QHD, E-4515QHD, E4515QHD, TDAMKT4515QHD, 8235-MKT4515QHD, SK1650QHD, RWMKT4515QHD, 85105469, MKT4515QHDN, MKT4515QHD-N, M-K72, MK72, TDAMKT4515QHDN, TDAMKT4515QHD-N, 66867, CQ66867, KIT1, S23752, K-128, K128, K-128A, K128A, 8235-MKT4515QHDN, 4515QHD, 85115125, 911007, MKT4515QHDB, MKT4515QHD-B, 8235-MKT4515QHDB, TDAMKT4515QHDB, M-K39, MK39, 28A, 291A, HK29, TA291A, 08-108800, 08108800, 08-108830, 08108830, 08-108831, 08108831, 08-108865, 08108865, 08-108875, 08108875, 081126, 081703, 81703, 81126, BHK051, S-21183, S21183, S-23752, S23752, K-329, K329, K-332, K332, K-339, K339, QK-1HD, QK1HD, QK-1MPHD, QK1MPHD, QKINT, HK4515Q3, 08-1088, 081088, WA2769SHD, 52245, 53319, E-2769, E2769, E-2769S, E2769S, E-2769SHD, E2769SHD, GD39, GD42, KIT8000, KIT8000HD, 8235-KIT8000, 8235-KIT8000HD, MKT4515QN, R507010, NL1621BG, NL1621HD, 70017259, 7007199, RW-KIT8000, RWKIT8000, 761905033, V1115871, E-4515QHD-N, E4515QHDN, E-4515QHD-B, E4515QHDB, MKT4515QHDK, 650-MKT4515QHDK
A cross reference listing means that this item should be a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. You should check the description to be sure it will work in your application.

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