Mammoth Jack Bacteria / Digestant / Deodorant - 1 Gallon Jug

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Mammoth Jack Bacteria / Digestant / Deodorant - 1 Gallon Jug

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Product Details

Stink's Worst Enemy!

Special Notes
Do not spray into air or use as an air freshener
Product Description
1 gallon jug
Bio-engineered for garbage and waste haulers
Complex blend of 200 billion naturally occurring bacteria
bio-enzymatic base digests solid organic material at the source
Deodorizes as it works

How to use Mammoth Jack Bacteria / Digestant / Deodorant

Garbage trucks, dumpsters, rendering plants and trucks
Always remove solids before using this product. Dilute Mammoth Jack 1:1 (128 oz. per gallon or 960 mil. of warm water), and apply with a pump-up sprayer directly onto the source of odor. Mammoth Jack must contact the odor source to be effective, and the area must be thoroughly wet for maximum performance. For routine maintenance after initial use, thoroughly apply Mammoth Jack at 1:5 (21 oz. per gallon or 180 mil. of warm water) to problem areas.

Marine: (Towboat bilge and sewage systems.)
For peak odor control and digestion in towboat sewage systems, add one gallon of Mammoth Jack to 500 gallons of sewage per week. For bilges, add one gallon Mammoth Jack to the bilge system as needed.

Portable Toilet: (Airplanes, buses, trains, campers)
Add one quart (32 oz./0.946 liters) of Mammoth Jack to a 40 gallon tank, per change. Restroom Floor/Odor Control: Control urine odor by mopping floors weekly with Mammoth Jack diluted 1:20 (6 oz. per gallon or 45 mil. warm water).

This product causes eye and skin irritation and may be harmful if swallowed. Inhalation of product mist may cause respiratory irritation. Mammoth Jack contains living bacterial spores. The bacteria in this product may cause infection if introduced in sufficient quantity into an open wound, broken skin or mucous membrane.

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