Disc Brake Caliper Shim Kit (Services Two Brake Calipers), Used with MD224 Pad Kit

Part Number:270-E6891
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Disc Brake Caliper Shim Kit (Services Two Brake Calipers), Used with MD224 Pad Kit
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Special Notes
Commonly used with the MD224 disc brake pad set
1 kit does 1 axle
Product Details
Manufacturer: Euclid
Disc brake caliper shim kit accommodates worn calipers and caliper supports
Includes 8 caliper shims in 4 different thicknesses
  1. Remove the spring, retainer and bolt.
  2. Lift caliper up and off support. Do not let the caliper hang from the hydraulic hose. Lay the caliper on the suspension or support it with a sturdy wire.
  3. Wire brush the support rails. Wire brush the rail surfaces of the caliper.
  4. Reinstall the caliper on the caliper support.
  5. Reinstall the spring and retainer.
  6. With caliper assembled, place a screwdriver or other suitabe tool between the rotor vanes and rotate the wheel by hand in the forward direction to place the forward support rail in full contact with the caliper support rail surface.
  7. Measure the gap at the other end of the caliper with feeler gauges. If the measurement is greater than 0.035", select a shim of the proper thickness to return the gap to within the proper limits.
Gap Measurement Shim ID
.036 - .055 682
.056 - .075 683
.076 - .095 684
.096 - .115 685

If gap is greater than .115, replace the caliper support.

Cross References: E6891, 270-E6891, E-6891, Dayton H8205A, Dayton H8205, Dayton CH8205, Batco 18-H08205, Carlson H8205, Leland K-485, R406891, R40H5664
A cross reference listing means that this item should be a suitable replacement for the part numbers listed. You should check the description to be sure it will work in your application.

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