LED Lights

LEDs Are 100% Solid State Electronics

Light-Emitting Diodes, commonly referred to as LEDs, are special semiconductors that produce light when an electrical current is applied. LEDs have been used for years in numerous applications such as appliances, radios and games. Now, the technology has advanced enough that they can be used in vehicle lighting systems.

LED Lights Offer Major Advantages Over Incandescent Lights

LED lighting has big advantages over standard incandescent lights when used in the trucking industry. Some of the main advantages of LEDs are their low power consumption, resistance to damage by vibration or shock, long life and fast response times. These features can greatly affect the maintenance time and costs of nearly any size fleet as we've spelled out below.

LED lights simply last longer. This long life comes from their solid-state construction, which eliminates the need for the heated filaments found in incandescent bulbs. Typical LED lights have a life span in excess of 100,000 hours while a standard incandescent light bulb might last 1,000 to 2,000 hours.

LED truck lights are not affected by shock or vibration like a standard incandescent light because they are solid-state devices. There is no filament that can break. This should make LEDs especially attractive to any fleet parts manager.

LEDs also require less power than their incandescent counterparts. This gives you more power for other uses, minimizes voltage drop and reduces the load on flashers, switches and alternators.

LEDs Cost Less Than Comparable Incandescent Lights

It is true that LED lights are initially more expensive than their incandescent alternatives, but you have to consider the total cost of ownership. When you compare the life span and maintenance costs, LED lights end up saving your fleet money. That's especially true when you buy from AnythingTruck.com. We've done our homework, and we know that you're going to have a hard time finding prices that compare with ours.

Pro LED Truck and Trailer Lights

We are proud to offer professional quality Pro LED lights. These quality LED truck lights have their circuit boards encapsulated in epoxy. The epoxy keeps moisture from getting to the circuits further extending the life of the lamp. They also feature high impact polycarbonate housings and lenses and state of the art lens welding.

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