DRYest air dryers integrate the turbo protection valve, governor, regeneration valve, muffler, and heater into one compact package to ensure extended system life with lower initial costs. It fits in an area as small as 12" x 6-3/4" x 6-3/4".

Haldex DRYest Air Dryer

Ordering a DRYest air dryer

We sell all DRYest air dryers as non-returnable special orders. We'll need a part number from your existing air dryer or the vehicle manufacturer's part number in order to determine the current Haldex aftermarket part number. The part number on your existing air dryer will usually start with a 'N' followed by numbers and maybe another letter, such as N4260 or N4260A. Please call or email us with that information in order to get the latest pricing and availability.