Timbren SES Rubber Helper Springs

Timbren SES hollow rubber helper springs
  • Reduce Suspension Sag
  • Improve Roll Stability
  • Cushion Road Shock
  • Improve Handling
  • Easy To Install
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lifetime Warranty

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What fits my vehicle?

Timbren kits are available for both front and rear suspensions.

Timbren SES - Suspension Enhancement Systems provide protection against overloading, road shock, bottoming out, sway and broken springs. Front axle kits prevent front end nose diving. Together, these features provide a smooth, level ride, even with heavy loads.

Today's on and off road vehicles are well engineered with fine suspensions, built to do the job for which they were designed. However, many vehicles are overloaded, or drivers find themselves on bad roads or operating under unusual conditions where the suspension needs help. Timbren's Aeon Hollow Rubber Springs were designed to meet these needs. Timbren SES kits help to eliminate sway and bottoming out, get rid of axle hop, and give an even, level, stable ride, both while loaded and unloaded. Timbren SES kits are simple to install and require no alteration to your present suspension.

Most Timbren kits are simple to install and do not require drilling.

We've provided access to the installation instructions for every Timbren kit we offer. Simply find your vehicle in our application guide above, and you will be shown a link that will take you to the instructions. The typical Timbren installation goes something like this:

  • Raise the vehicle allowing the axle to hang free
  • Remove the wheels for greater access to the suspension
  • Remove the OEM bump stop
  • Assemble the Aeon rubber springs and brackets as shown on the installation instruction sheet
  • Reinstall the wheels and lower the vehicle
  • Check for correct positioning and clearances

One of the great benefits of Timbren helper springs is that there is no maintenance to perform once installed. Timbren helper springs are designed to last the life of your vehicle.

See below for answers to some of the
most frequently asked Timbren questions:

The instructions indicate that there should be a one inch gap between the axle and Timbren helper spring. My Timbren spring is almost touching the axle. What should I do?
Remove the spacer supplied with the kit. If you have done this or there is no spacer in your kit, take the vehicle out for a test drive. This often happens with vehicles that are carrying a partial load or have a worn suspension, and you may not see any adverse effects. Timbren Customer Service can rectify this problem if you do experience poor ride quality.
My rear suspension Timbren spring is more than two inches from the axle. Is this okay?
The ideal gap is approximately one inch. You can achieve the appropriate gap by adding the spacer included with your kit. If you have already installed all pieces that came with the kit, contact Timbren Customer Service for quick resolution of the problem.
Will this product give me a rough ride?
Timbren rubber springs feature a progressive spring rate that provides excellent ride quality. The spring has plenty of travel even under light loads.
My Timbren helper springs are touching the axle all the time. Will this hurt my truck?
The simple answer is no. The full answer is that you have added a secondary point of contact in a location that was provided for the factory bump stop. You are reducing stress at the main point of contact as well as spreading out the load. The progressive spring rate of the Timbren springs also provides a soft uptake of the load rather than the sudden stop of the solid factory bump stop.
My vehicle's suspension is sagging badly. Will the Timbren springs help?
Timbren helper springs will definitely help your situation, but they are designed to work in conjunction with a suspension that is in good working order. You should have your vehicle inspected at a suspension repair facility to ensure that the suspension is in good condition before you install the Timbren kit.
Does the Timbren SES kit increase my load carrying capacity?
No. You should not exceed the vehicle manufacturer's load rating. The Timbren helper springs will enhance the ride quality of a heavily loaded vehicle as well as reduce wear and tear, but they will not increase the vehicle's axle or GVW rating.
Cutaway view of a Timbren SES hollow rubber helper spring Timbren SES helper springs

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